AIU's International Liberal Arts Education

Undergraduate Program

Be a Global Leader!

We live in an era of globalization in which multifaceted exchanges transcend national borders, cultures, and languages. Information travels across the globe in the blink of an eye, making our lives more convenient. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern where to stand on issues and what paths to take.

In such an era of uncertainty about the future, not many people may want to become leaders. That is why we continue to send out the message, "Be a Global Leader!"

We do so because this message shows us how to face up to difficulties, how to relate to those around us, and beyond that, how to live our lives.

In order to lead a chaotic society that is full of diverse values, leaders must have the ability to recognize others and boldly undertake problems for which there are no fixed answers.

On this campus, where you will be exposed to different cultures during your studies and in every aspect of your life, the skills you develop as you challenge yourself day after day will become the strength to pioneer the future.

AIU will take you from a small classroom in Akita to the global stage.

Be a Global Leader!

Educational Philosophy Represented by the University's Name

Mineo Nakajima, the first president of AIU, left his scribbled proposal for the University's name.

"A university aiming at the establishment of rich liberal arts education disappeared from the higher education system in Japan and development of practical foreign language communication skills"

We can imagine the process of focusing on his idea and philosophy in considering many proposals.

Educational philosophy represented by the University's name

International Liberal Arts Education

Akita International University incorporates a global perspective into its educational programs and activities, emphasizes the importance of conducting its entire curriculum in English to enable effective mutual understanding with people around the world, and has an extensive international academic exchange network. All students are obliged to study abroad for one year, create a living environment for multicultural students on campus, and cultivate and promote the spirit of liberal arts education throughout the university. We founded a new education brand, education - international liberal arts education.