Non-degree students such as special subjects

Undergraduate Entrance Examination Information

At Akita International University, among those who did not pass the general selection examination, those with high grades, a strong desire to learn, and a strong desire to enter the university are registered as "special subject students." However, there is a special subject student system in which students become regular students (second year) after taking a transfer entrance exam the following year, depending on their academic performance over the course of one year.

Process from being registered as a special subject student to becoming a regular student

  1. Take the general selection exam. (Does not apply to special selection test takers)
  2. Among those who did not pass the exam, those who requested "Special Subjects Students" at the time of application and received high grades will be announced as "Special Subjects Students Candidates." (Same time as announcement of results for each schedule)
  3. Candidates will be registered as ``Special Subjects Students'' by submitting an Application Form for Admission to Special Subjects Students, and will take classes for one year alongside regular students.
  4. Courses taken by special subject students will be evaluated and credits will be recognized in the same way as regular students, and if the conditions described below are met, students will be eligible to take the entrance exam to transfer to regular students (second year) the following year. can do.
  5. Credits earned while enrolled as a special subject student will be recognized as credits required for graduation after transferring to a regular student (second year). This allows you to graduate at the same time as full-time students who enrolled at the same time.

Conditions for special subject students to become regular students (second year)

Students who achieve the required grades will be eligible to take the entrance exam to transfer to full-time students (second year) the following year. If you do not achieve the required grades, you will be expelled from the school.

  • Completing the EAP
  • Earn 21 credits including EAP III (excluding EAP I and II)
  • Obtain a GPA of 2.5 or higher