On April 4th, the Professional Graduate School Japanese Language Teaching Practice Area (hereinafter referred to as JLT) will hold an ``Overseas Teaching Practice Report & Academic Advancement Consultation''. In "Overseas Educational Training Report," current JLT graduate students will present their experiences in teaching training conducted for students from partner universities in Taiwan and Malaysia. In addition, at the ``Advancement Counseling Session,'' JLT faculty members will answer your questions.

Anyone who wants to learn practical Japanese language education at our university's professional graduate school, those who are interested in foreign language education or Japanese language education abroad, and those who are considering going on to our graduate school can participate. receive.The event outline and application method are as follows.We look forward to your participation.

The leaflet isplease use this form.Click

Date and Time Wednesday, May 2024, 4 24:14-00:17
Venue Online (Zoom meeting room)
Message 14:00-16:35 Overseas Teaching Practice Report
16:40-17:30 College counseling
How to apply For those who wish to participate, we will inform you of the connection URL and passcode of the Zoom meeting room.
April 4 (Monday) 22:17untilEntrance examination room (grad@gl.aiu.ac.jp)Please provide the following information to
① Your name
② Attribute (e.g. 4th year university student, member of society, etc.)
(XNUMX) Name of the university you graduated from or the name of the university you are enrolled in
④ (If you are a member of society, please answer) Current occupation
⑤Prefecture where you currently live
⑥ Email address
⑦ Information you want to know most at the consultation meeting