We will hold an open campus for professional graduate schools.On the day of the event, we will hold an “individual consultation session” where current students and faculty members will pair up by field and answer your questions.Participation in the open campus will be on a first-come, first-served basis and must be reserved in advance.We are looking forward to your application.

Dates Time Venue Capacity
2023 / 9 / 17 (sun) 13: 00-15: 00 (planned) [Visitor type]Akita International University Campus [Visitor type]30 people
*Limited to those who wish to enter a professional graduate school

1. Summary

* It is a complete advance reservation system and will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
*Please note that those who do not have a participation card will not be allowed to enter the campus on the day of the event.
*If you are not feeling well on the day of the event, please refrain from visiting.

[Participation of parents]

Participation in the visit-type program is limited to 1 guardians per person (university student, graduate, working person) who is planning to take the exam.

[Access to campus]

Access to Akita International University campusplease use this form.Please refer from.

  • Please make your own arrangements for public transportation and itinerary to Akita.
  • You cannot enter the campus by car.For those arriving by private car or rental car, we will guide you to a special parking space near the university.

[About the free shuttle bus]

On the day of the open campus, a free shuttle bus will run between JR Akita Station East Exit and Akita International University and between Akita Airport and Akita International University.
Advance reservations are required for the free shuttle bus.We will close the reception as soon as we reach the capacity.

Estimated time required (when using the shuttle bus)
JR Akita Station - Akita International University about 30-40 minutes
Akita Airport - Akita International University Approximately 10-15 minutes

2. Reservation application

*Applications are limited to those who wish to take the entrance examination for a professional graduate school.

Application isplease use this form.から